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Bike or eBike Day Trips

The possibilities are endless !

Switzerland is home to the Alps. They cover two thirds of the country, but only one tenth of the population lives there. With 49 four-thousanders, one can easily imagine the amount of other mountains. A lot ! And between mountains lie as many picturesque valleys dotted with Alpine hamlets. A huge playground for any mountain-biker seeking adventure, adrenaline, or just fun and contemplation.

Take our home state only, the Valais, there are over 20 major valleys, or areas, rich with history, culture, local gastronomy and very good infrastructures. Access to all of these valleys is easy, most of them have developed into winter ski resorts, allowing summer mountain-bikers to use the numerous lifts, cable-cars or mountain-trains.
You want to explore, enjoy and ride but want to have your own time too, for yourself or for your family or your friends, why don’t you choose to stay in one place for a few days, base yourself in a nice mountain lodge or hotel, and go out everyday with one of our Swiss Cycling Guides. Depending on your wishes, your level and technical ability, he will choose the best day trips in the area to guide you through an epic discovery of this beautiful region.

We’ll make sure to create the best biking adventure for you ! We can arrange everything from A to Z for you, i.e. airport private transfers to your selected location, hotel or private lodging reservation, mountain-bikes or e-bikes rental, certified Swiss Cycling Guide, any kind of alternate or optional activities (hiking, paragliding, rafting, canyoning, sightseeing, mountain farm experience, cheese & wine tasting, etc.).
As we do with our trips in Asia, Africa or Latin America, each bespoke journey is tailor made to your taste. Together with you, we will craft your Alpine biking holiday and we endeavor to make it so exceptional you won’t even want to go home !

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Photographers Yves Garneau, Claudio Zenger, David Carlier, Pascal Gertschen, Giglio Pasqua